Exclusive Q&A Interview with Reverend Doctor

One thing we love about all our lounge entertainers is all of the diverse personalities our guests meet Wednesday through Sunday evenings, including singer/musician Reverend Doctor. On his Instagram he's known for his impeccable style on stage (especially his shoes), his sassy flair, and his infectious smile. "One part afro, two parts sparkles," Reverend Doctor shines in the spotlight at the Keno's lounge. We have enjoyed his company in previous years and we're very excited to have him back at Keno's. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Revered Doctor for our entertainment blog. Keno's: Reverend Doctor, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. So, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start in music? Did you always know you would be in the music industry?

Reverend Doctor: Great question! Short answer: no. Haha! I started playing music as much as I could as often as I could and just never quite got over it. I spent a lot of my childhood illustrating and figured I’d end up doing that, but picked up guitar when I was 19 and haven’t looked back. I still have a love for illustration and cartooning, but music is a full-time career for me now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Keno's: Our patrons have heard you sing a wide variety of tunes. Is there a particular genre that you enjoy singing?

Reverend Doctor: The feel-good singable soul from the 60s and 70s. The Stevie Wonders, Al Greene, Marvin Gaye. I cover a ton of music, however; everything from country to funk. It’s a wide variety because no one particular kind of music has my heart as an artist or a musician. I always like to say “if you don’t like the song I’m currently playing, you’ll probably like the next one”.  

Keno's: Along with your solo acts, you're also a guitarist for the band Gold Shimmer, tell us a little bit about the band and any other collaborations you have done recently.

Reverend Doctor: The thing I love most about music is collaborating! With Gold Shimmer, we’re entertainers and it’s all about the show, the experience, the story. We’ll take you on a journey you can’t help but dance to! I also play bass in quite a few really talented acts. I just saw two of my co-collaborators last night; Emily Laliotis, and Ali Blake, two very talented singer-songwriters. I also used to work with Matt Michienzie, a folk/Americana/jam band act, and still do when he’s not out conquering the world.

Keno's: You play around Orange County and Los Angeles, most recently at Molly Malone's, and you have an upcoming show at Irvine Regional Park. What has been the most memorable venue that you have performed to date?

Reverend Doctor: The most memorable show I played was opening for The Wailers in Clear Lake Iowa. I grew up in the midwest and was a part of a reggae band at the time and performed on bass and its one of my most fond memories as the fellas in that band were all so fun, and getting to meet heroes of mine in my home state was SO much fun.

Keno's: How often are you creating music? If so, do you have any albums that our Keno’s fans can listen to?

Reverend Doctor: I’m constantly collaborating and writing, first and foremost with Gold Shimmer, the funk band. As Reverend Doctor I have a ton of music out on my Spotify as well as an EP I’m working with Plaid Dog recording studios in Boston. We’re doing a crowd-funding campaign for this so if you like my music and would like to give, follow me on my socials (Instagram) for more details.


Keno's: What would you say is the most rewarding part of your career as an entertainer?

Reverend Doctor: Easy. Helping people feel good. The great thing about putting my message of positivity and love first is the glow people have after sets I play. Sometimes people are so excited and feel so good, and are so excited to tell me they’ll literally interrupt me mid-song to tell me so! I love it. People are so kind.  

Keno's: What's your most requested song by fans?

Reverend Doctor: Strangely I don’t get many requests as once people hear one or two songs they’re pretty content to just let me play. I play every song I do in a unique way, completely unlike the original recording so I think people become intensely curious to hear what I’ll pick next. I play Johnny Cash like a rock song, I play The Beatles like a funk song, I play Oasis like a soul song. I frequently have people come up to me and simply tell me “I loved every song you played!”

Keno's: What are your goals for the near future with your music career?

Reverend Doctor: Raise money for this EP. My partner and I are expecting a baby this fall so, life is about to change for us. But for now, just keeping my vision focused on that very next step, and making sure to make space in my life for a new tiny person. First time parents, here!


Keno's: We have to ask, what's your favorite thing to eat at our establishment?

Reverend Doctor: I actually haven’t had anything to eat at Kenos, I feel so bad 🙈. I actually don’t eat at any of the places I play, or even before sets as I tend to burp a lot, haha!. Trying to time moving away from the microphone can get tricky mid-song. Sorry if that’s TMI. Haha! Message me with suggestions, I hear so many great things about y’all’s food. I can at least speak to the staff at Kenos: they’re always so kind, welcoming, friendly and funny! I laugh a lot while I’m there.  

Keno's: We know you're busy collaborating, performing, and making music, but are you available for private parties? If so, how can fans reach you?

Reverend Doctor: I love doing parties and private events! Quickest way is to text me: (213) 373-3495. If you’re an email kind of person, info@reverenddoctormusic.com. My calendar books up quick, so if you’re thinking about it, don’t hesitate.